The Creative Core™


Creativity is a tool for coping with change

Learn the attitudes, mindsets and practices that support flexible thinking and solution finding



* A proven and reliable four-stage processes to generate creative solutions

* The yin and yang of creative thinking and how to make sure you get an appropriate balance of both.


*How to craft questions that encourage collaboration while moving the creative process forward

* The piece of the creative process you like best and where you might need support to bring ideas to life.™



 * Feeling empowered as you apply new thinking skills to generate exciting solutions based on personal values and what you find meaningful 

*Rut-busting- Discover how you are not stuck and can now generate opportunities for change .

* Work better with others by understanding the different creative process preferences and how they interact.

* Shift the dynamic of demanding relationships by asking questions instead of a solving problems.

*Learning a skill you can use for the rest of your life.

Upcoming Intro to Creative Core™ Class

A three-hour interactive class that introduces the four-phases of creative thinking

Optimize Your Stage Presence


 Engaging potential clients both one on one and from the stage is key to developing a successful business. When you are able to present information in a professional yet authentic way without fear or perfectionism looming in the back of your mind, you can shine. This experiential class is designed to help you embody your authentic presence while you speak about your business. 

In this supportive class designed for Business Owners, you will

 * Learn simple grounding and centering techniques to help you quickly achieve focus and connection with your audience. 

 *Work with your prepared pitch or signature talk to embody and present the essence of what you are saying. 

 *Practice deep connection and listening so that networking events can be fruitful means of making contacts. 

 * Have fun.

Students talk about about the Creative Core™

 Vivian's  workshop was great for me to see what I was creating in my  relationships that was not healthy!! I am putting down boundaries at  every turn and saying NO when necessary and that feels great! 

She  is a wonderful facilitator, kept it interesting, fun and creative. She  kept people engaged and broke things down so we could understand. I love  your sense of humor and spirit. I especially enjoyed the magazine cover  project.

~ Workshop participant, Tanya C

 I had a lot of fun in this class. Viv

knows  her tools and has a lot of creative ideas to move you through blocks.  Also, when needed, you were able to take our thoughts and ideas and put  them into wording that became usable.  You have great energy - positive  and enthusiastic - and I always left the sessions feeling excited and  hopeful. 

~ Workshop Participant, Laura G. 

  "Ongoing  benefits I am experiencing are less fear stopping me from doing  creative new things, more willingness to dive in and let the chips fall  where they may! I feel freeing and more joyful in everything I  undertake.  I  think you are a terrific facilitator, enthusiastic and passionate about  what you teach, careful to include everyone in the group, supportive  and encouraging."  ~ Workshop participant, Denise B 


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Santa Barbara City College

Classes for adults at the Center for Lifelong Learning


Build Confidence

 We create a safe and collaborative environment


Get out your head

Let your imagination soar and your playful side come out and play.

Testimonials from previous CLL Class participants


"Experience being freely creative, playful and spontaneous in a supportive, non-judgmental environment" LS

"If  you're on the fence about this, I enthusiastically encourage you to  step out and sign up!  Vivian creates a warm, welcoming atmosphere and  you'll laugh & grow& leave uplifted. It was a great experience!  NR

"Learning to be a better listener and finding joy in cooperation." VL

"More fun than you expected." CC

"Stimulate your funny bone." MA

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Summer is a great time to have fun. Join us in Santa Barbara for a quick four-week class starting in May. Click the button to be taken to the information and registration page at SBCC

CreativityMuse On Site

Applied Improvisation

Let us design an afternoon of improvisation exercises that encourage collaboration, team building and creative thinking 

Creativity Classes

The Creative Core teaches skills that help employees work better together because it teaches them a common language of how the creative process works. 


CreativityMuse provides Creative Problem Solving facilitation that help teams generate new thinking and solutions

Ice Breakers

Invite CreativityMuse to your next event to help get the participants warmed up and engaging with one another quickly and in a fun way. 

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