A personalized process where we assess where you are. 

  1. Do you need to Clarify what you want next? 
  2. Do you know what you want but need to generate ideas?
  3. Do you have ideas but need help developing them?
  4. Do you have well-developed ideas but get stuck implementing?

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Change is tricky, even if you want it, resistance and self-doubt creep in. Why fight those demons alone? 

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I absolutely loved working with Vivian. My favorite aspect of working with her was the space she held for me. It's hard to describe... it was a complete focus on me and a real validation of my journey. I felt understood and not alone. Creativity and passion projects are often solitary journeys. With Vivian, she expanded that space and brought in something very special, kind of a magic energy and I felt deeply supported. Working with her was different than anyone I have ever worked with....Emily E. Designer


I attended a CreativityMuse workshop and found Vivian to be a very focused and intuitive leader. She knew how to ask the right questions to get me to look deeper and find the root of my particular issues. I highly recommend!

Lauren B. Graphic Designer



I have been working with Creativity Muse since becoming a registered Marriage and Family Intern. I have attended 5 different workshops all of which have helped in the process of me getting licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist. The courses I have taken have been impactful in starting a healthy habit of self-care. I appreciate the lovely spaces, feeling of freedom, encouragement, and general sense of love and support that I have gotten from every class I have attended. I continue to utilize the skills learned daily. I am excited about taking the marketing course as I am working towards starting my own private practice.  Anna Y, LMFT

 I’ve had multiple five-star experiences with Vivian and CreativityMuse. First, as a creativity coach, she really helped bring me out of my head and opened my horizons. Later, I took her public speaking workshop, which prepared me for a big job interview. I can’t recomend her enough. She is worth every penny and then some....

Michele F, H.S. Teacher


 Solution driven and transformative Vivian helps steer you toward looking at challenges as opportunities. Her approach is one of a kind, nurturing and empowering.

   Mim R...Bestselling Author

 It is with much enthusiasm that I am recommending Vivian's services.
She has a talent for quickly identifying key areas for improvement.  Through creative thinking and communication, Vivian recommends and demonstrates powerful and useful mental and physical exercises that can be used to improve both your personal and professional life.  I highly recommend booking an appointment with Vivian today.  

J. Gannon, Business Owner