About Us


Vivian Geffen

Vivian started CreativityMuse after completing her Master's in Creativity from SUNY Buffalo.  Her driving motivation through all the forms her work takes is to offer people a space to be honest and authentic while they take stock of where they are versus where they want to be.  She is known for asking deeply insightful questions that open up new ways of looking at situations and possibilities. Her clients tend to see changes quickly because they line up their motivation in ways that have not previously existed. This reduces resistance and increases excitement an confidence in the newly identified directions. 

    Vivian loves creating and workshops. She teaches improvisation and is also a student.  She has presented at a variety of conferences around the country and wherever she goes and whatever she does. An increase of self-love and acceptance are her goal for her clients. Without increasing those feelings and decreasing self-judgment, people tend to stay stuck and with creative thinking, good questions and positive feedback, shift happens. 


vivian with her improv students