Mastermind FAQs


What is a Mastermind Group?

A Mastermind Group is a gathering of individuals who agree to meet regularly and support one another in achieving results in a desired area of life or business.  They leverage the power of Brainstorming to help each other generate ideas and solutions.

Where do they meet and how often?

These groups meet every other week for 90 minutes.  They meet virtually by video conference. 

What are the benefits of joining a Mastermind Group?


Certain life transitions can leave one feeling lost and alone. The benefit of joining a group like this is that you are able to share these thoughts and receive support around them. The other main benefit is to help forward your thinking about what you might like to do next.  The magic is that everybody knows that everybody is navigating these two experiences simultaneously so there is room for absolute authenticity.  You will be encouraged to take inspired action instead of staying stuck. Imagine knowing that you have got a group of cheerleaders devoted solely to your success as you define it. A group of people who will happily share resources when you don't know where to turn and will give insightful feedback when you face questions about yourself.    They will help you come up with creative ideas that satisfy needs and desires that they had pushed aside and decided they could do without.  

**Please note that these groups are not a replacement for therapy.

How do I know if one of your groups is right for me?

It's true that different Masterminds have different focuses many of them being business related, however, ours focus on personal life as the starting point. 

  • You've just gone through a life transitions like becoming an empty nester, left a relationship, retired from a career.
  •  The thought of ongoing group-support sounds good. You like to share ideas and also receive them
  •  You feel as though there's something to do next but you're not sure what, or you are sure and don't know how.
  •  Accountability would be good. Setting goals at a group level and then achieving them would inspire you to take more action than if you were just working on your own
  • You're willing to make both a financial and time commitment.  The minimum membership six months. You're willing mark your calendar and put the time aside to show up participate in the group meetings. 
  •  You have a good spirit of collaboration.
  • Reading this gets you excited and you sense it is a great opportunity

What if I feel self-conscious talking about these things?

Each group agrees to keep what is said private. You will be asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement. That is part of the reason the commitment is six months, to give members of the group time to get to know one another and feel very comfortable. 

What does it cost, how do I sign up?

At present the rate is $225/month for two, ninety-minute meetings a month-with a six-month commitment. Groups are capped at 6 people to ensure everyone's participation.  From time to time we offer beta groups and those are 3 months for $150/month.  If you would like to interview for a group, find out what's forming or suggest a topic, please follow the button below and answer a few questions and we will follow up with you in the next 24-28 hours. 

Enjoy community and support

Welcome to the home page for Empty Nest Masterminds. I hope you will take up the invitation to have a conversation with me to learn more about this opportunity to create community around this potent time of life-Vivian 

Empty Nest Masterminds

For mothers, becoming an empty-nester is one of life's great transitions.


Adjusting to life after raising a child is an enormous shift. Many mothers reported finding the experience to be much deeper and unsettling than they expected. They are surprised that nobody really told them about. They said that knowing what they know now, if there had been a peer support system that they knew about, they would have jumped on it and it would have helped a lot.  Their insights can be your gains because you're here and now you know there is a place for you. 

Share the experience with others who can empathize, support and share information


Each woman gets through this process in her own way and time though many similar challenges emerge.  Some struggle with self-care, a residual guilt that emerges when they think of putting themselves first, filling the fridge with food they don't eat?  Time that was  organized around transporting children, planning for games and socializing, even folding sweaters is now free.

Refresh your identity, explore what is possible and create a vision


Identities get questioned, who am I without my kids in the house? Who am I going to run to the mall with?  If yours was the house where all the kids gathered, there will be that extra quiet too. 

The emotions can be surprisingly intense


The mixed feelings can be confusing, it's both a time of pride and grief.  A new lifestyle is launched and your place it it feels uncertain. You're used to being there for them, who is there for you at this time?

Navigating the new normal


How do you parent at a distance? How do you keep the connection alive while providing a space for them to spread their wings?

Gather with others to connect


A Mastermind group, can be considered a Peer Advisory Group. It is a safe place to be seen, heard and supported. With the hotseat process, each member gets to be the center of attention and focus for whatever her current issue or desire to create is. Everybody has the opportunity to contribute as well as be contributed to. 

New Groups Forming

Sound good? Let's talk


Please follow the link below to a brief questionnaire and Vivian will contact you to set up a one on one phone call.